Before the event, focusing on the use of Social Media Marketing and user interaction that allows them to impending activities has a general awareness. For example, you can focus on all aspects of the activities, to carry out some of the warm-ups, if you can hold some games on social media, or allow users to vote for the candidate speakers, or allow the user to select the venue for activities, or voting for the theme. Here I publish twelve social media marketing tips with low-cost network promotional activities.



Tips 1

So that users can see the details of the event in advance. If the event will include a special guest or speaker, then use Social Media Marketing to convey these messages. And before you begin to convey these messages, we must first consider where your focus battlefield. If your activities are public events or branding campaign, you can build a micro-blog-based event page, if it is focused on interactive participation, can focus consider using micro-channel, if the subject is a young group of users or students can happy, Renren, QQ space as the main channel? Then, when the speakers and guests confirmed, you can create a page on social media, to show their personal information, photographs, and in the past some of the main professional experience.

If sufficient time and effort, you can prior to the event, to interview a number of important speakers and guests, and then share them on social media.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Tips 2

Create a countdown clock on the company’s official website, and updates on social media. Updated content should be around during the event uniqueness and uniqueness other elements expand and make it conducive to the spread of share.

Tips 3

Create a unique social event tag # and QR code, and consistent use across multiple social media channels; same time, under invitations and posters line channels can be further promoted.

Tips 4

Create a blog, webinars or e-books for the event. In Social Media Marketing, a successful trend is to create webinars, e-books or downloadable materials. For example, a forthcoming book promotion activities, we can create an event, and then were using various channels pages, blog and web seminars to promote this book is an important feature, and the user is important if you want to get all of the channels, then it is only through the guide of each channel, leading back to the page to buy this book.

Tips 5

Allowing customers to register online. Convenience is the key security activities attendance rate, if the event requires an appointment, then use the online registration form to facilitate user registration.


Activities outstanding marketing content, which is very important for recording activities. Marketers Remember, using a variety of methods to capture all kinds of interesting things happened activities.

Tips 6

For user-generated content to hold a contest. Participants shoot for activities to promote their favourite part of the video, photos, or write content and submit the content, be constantly updated in social media.

Tips 7

Set up a photo booth and provide a professional photographer, for participants to take pictures. By doing so, you increase the chance to capture guest information and keep in touch with them.

Tips 8

At different points in time activities interview guests, and share live interviews on social media. Such as when guests approach, interview their expectations of activities, or leave, ask them to talk about impressions of the event.

Tips 9

Set up social media sharing incentives. When the event guests shared on social media activity information, then give them prizes and incentives to do thanks and get some valuable information from the customer to share content, and then update to your various social channels.

After the event

After the event, in fact, still, there are many opportunities to achieve sustained attention of customers and facilitate follow-up sales, which is we often ignore the marketing opportunity.

Tips 10

Share albums and detailed information about the activity on social media channels. By “Details”, I mean, who marked in the picture, and create fascinating captions, and then link back to the appropriate business website. I do see a lot of times, companies do not contain any photo content details in the release campaign photos. It really is missing out on a rare opportunity for secondary interactive communication! Also, do not forget after the event, calling the guests to submit their photographs.

Tips 11

After the event, you can also publish some sound or video content on guest interviews, guests talk about the highlights of the event through social media.

Tips 12

An E-mail has been one of the most important marketing media, but the message in conjunction with multi-channel social media has also been proven to be effective promotion strategies to promote and increase the exposure of activity.

web power customized many successful social media such as e-mail and multi-channel integrated marketing strategy. In activities to promote the whole process, we should create a complete e-mail marketing campaign activity with the promotion. Activities such as warm-up before the event send an e-mail and invitations, early exposure activities and highlight the important issues; activities, if the cycle is long and time permits, can be informed of the progress of activities and events highlights the real-time sharing; after the event, for those who participate, Guests of the event, send a thank you letter, and demonstrate once again the product or service information, promote the follow-up sales, and enhance brand interactive contact with the guests, and for not able to participate in the activities of the user, provide some targeted sales offer, and through Mail exhibition in the value of the product or service advantages highlights, or provide a link,

so that did not participate in the activities guests reviewed exciting content. And more of these messages should be conducive to social sharing and dissemination.

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