13 Tips To Make Money Google Adsense

Making money Google Adsense is extremely difficult these days. Although Google is the biggest network on internet, making money with Google AdSense and relying upon it as your livelihood is extremely difficult.

13 Tips To Make Money Google Adsense

13 Tips To Make Money Google Adsense

Experts say that, if you have more traffic to your site,

you can earn Make Money Google Adsense income. However, it is not true. I have seen sites that have daily visits of almost 400 too 500 visitors and not getting a single Adsense click for months together. It is a growing tendency in internet users not to click adverts. I can not figure out the reasoning behind it, but it is true. If you are a youngster and feel that you can make fortune out of Adsense or any other similar program, you better think twice. It can not be your main stream of income. You can not even meet out your internet expenses using AdSense or any other similar program like Infolinks, Bidavertisers, etc.

Making millions from Adsense as a single individual is a myth .

Only big companies can make some money out of it as they have tremendous resources to use. They work as an organization and can afford to spend in hiring professionals. As a single individual, you can not build those bigger sites by yourself. How many quality articles you can write every day? At the most 4 to 5. As a single individual, you can not build a quality site as companies working as an organization.

Again, even if you devote your full time to a building site,

you do not immediately start earning money. It may take years together to get ranks in Google. Further, even if you build a quality site, there is no guarantee that people click on your AdSense ads. So what is a point is spending so much valuable precious time in your life in this?

If you have some mainstream income, you may side by side think of trying Adsense or any other such thing without relying upon it as main stream of income.

If you are still interested in trying AdSense, here are few things to consider:-

1) Never publish duplicate contents
2) Never ” Manage ” Adsense clicks
3) At least for 2 years, do not expect any solid income from Adsense
4) Develop a blog or site on subject of your liking, so that you do not get bored and can focus on a topic
5) Follow and adhere to Google AdSense policies
6) Focus in delivering quality and unique contents for your readers
7) Publish unique images suitable to your contents
8) Publish appropriate videos suitable to your content
9) Remember, getting unique images and creating professional videos and using it crucial. It can change the game.
10)Remember, visitors get a bad impression and may feel that your site is 3rd grade if it is without unique images and videos and may run away from your site.
11) Always attract targeted traffic. There is no use getting a huge number of visitors who just want to spam your site only to publish irrelevant comments.
12) Be positive and do not panic if you do not succeed in a short time. Keep trying.
13 ) Always focus on improving yourself and your performance.

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