7 SEO Tips – The Basic Traffic Source

As I have mentioned in ‘What is SEO?’, this article is meant to get you even further in the action and provide you some SEO tips about how to do it.

7 SEO Tips – The Basic Traffic Source

If you already have a blog up and running and you think that something is wrong about your traffic, then SEO is the first thing that needs to be taken in consideration.

7 SEO Tips – The Basic Traffic Source

If you have just started blogging, this article is just for you, as I have done the things that easy to follow that even a complete newbie can follow it. SEO is about keeping things easy and fresh.

Whether your niche is, these SEO tips will get you closer to the first page in Google Rankings. So, let’s start, shall we?

I will start from the basics, and even if you think you know, read it one more time, it won’t hurt you. Sometimes I do that too, it allows me to make sure that I don’t miss a thing.

1. What is a keyword

Let’s take my niche for example:

My niche is about ‘Start blogging or Start a blog‘. My niche has loads of keywords on its topic, like domain name, web hosting, WordPress themes, drive traffic, SEO, and many more.

Do you get the point?

Now, take a piece of paper and write your blog on it. Below, write your keywords – the most important ones.

Imagine that when a Search Engines user goes to Google and writes down a term in the form, what would he want to find?

Based on this question, deliver the relevant information by compelling the right article.

2. Choose the Right Keywords

Now based about what you wrote on the paper, go to Google Keywords Planner and check how much audience a keyword gets. Google it as well and analyze your competitors.

Don’t get intimidated by them. Read the whole article and find lacks in it. Basically, you need to do some researches before writing a valuable article, but once you’ve done it, it well worth the time spent to it.

3. Long-tail keywords

An example will make you to understand better what I try to say.

So, for this article I can choose as a keyword: ‘SEO tips’. I know that would be the best one, but in my experience as a blogger, I know that I will have less chances to rank higher than ‘SEO tips for beginners’.

The reason: The competition on the short keyword is a lot higher than on the long tail one. So, I will use the long one instead because I can get listed higher in the search engine rankings.

As a blogger, I am a bit keen when it comes to investing money in advertising just because I get more organic traffic for free from the search engines. Do the same, it’s free(laugh).

4. Keyword Stuffing

This point is more like a ‘don’t’, because you will not get too far if you use this method.

Try not to be above the search engines and thing that you are smarter than them. To be honest, Google has thousands of employees that work hard to clean their network from blogs who do this.

Reconsider and don’t use too many keywords as your article will not be listed higher in the Search Engines. For instance, for this article, I have about 2 keywords in the content.

5. Use the right plugin

As you already know, I recommend only the best stuff when it comes to using something.

A free plugin that offers a lot of SEO functionality and it’s very easy to use at the same time is WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. Used by over 6 million bloggers and by myself, it’s simply the best.

6. Your Links

Try to do the things right in the first place and avoid changing the links once you have published an article.

You will hurt your SEO and probably you will have broken links on your websites. This will hurt your user experience as well.

7. Content is King

Everybody knows it. I often see bloggers spending a lot of money on optimizing their content on different search engines. Their problem will never get solved until they use this method.

A rich, solid, and original content in unbeatable and will always be on Google’s front page as an example to follow.

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