Coronavirus India Update: 11,929 Coronavirus Cases In India In 24 Hours


coronavirus Daily has risen to 3,20,920 cases today as it recorded yet again the single biggest day jump of 11,929 new infections in the last 24 hours with three hundred and eleven people losing their lives to the widest this is of course

Coronavirus India Update: 11,929 Coronavirus Cases In India In 24 Hours

as per official Health Ministry data that has been released a total of 9,195 covered patients have lost their lives so far this is the second consecutive day that India has recorded more than 11,000 new infections in a single day

Coronavirus India Update: 11,929 Coronavirus Cases In India In 24 Hours

so in this context, it was an all-important meeting chaired by the Prime Minister yesterday taking stock of India’s covert preparedness and now that important meeting that is underway at the Home Ministry let me go across to my colleague Suki T the way these joining us live on the broadcast so Cathy that all-important meeting that we’ve been talking about all day is currently underway we’ve seen those visuals of the Delhi Chief Minister the daily Health Minister and the Union Health Minister they’re arriving at the Home Ministry for that meeting what’s on the agenda what are you picking up from your sources within the Delhi government what’s going to be their demand

well firstly it’s a review meeting so mister ameta will be taking stock of what exactly are Delhi’s preparations considering the Delhi government by its own calculation has come up with this projection that by the end of this month there will be 100,000 cases 15,000 beds will be needed by the end of July 1.5 lakh beds will be needed for about five point five lakh cases now what exactly is the government’s preparation because while they can come up with these projections what is the on-ground situation that Delhi is coming up with considering a daily spike of over 2000 cases is being witnessed at this point of time so many of the decisions that the Delhi

government has just made with respect to adding more hospital beds whether it is in nursing homes or now even as the latest update that we have that about 20,000 beds for their preparation over 40 hotels and 80 backward also not we are also being brought under the ambit of the government and even their beds will be prepared so these are the kind of measures that the Delhi government you know presenting before the Home Minister there are officials from the Health Department of Delhi they will be presenting all of these things and then of course to give a wider perspective on what the kind of medical infrastructure for the needed aims director dr. Andy pool area will also be present at the meeting

so will be many officials of the state Disaster Management Authority so the agenda will remain that if Delhi is really expecting one lakh cases by the end of this month or 5.5 like by end of July what really is the preparation on the ground so they will be preparing a right basic blueprint of what exactly should be done what are the big things they need to look at and then, of course, a 5:00 p.m. meeting with the mayors of Delhi’s Municipal Corporation’s blueprint get the finite blueprint of okay to come in terms of preparedness in anticipation of a huge spike in the number of coronavirus cases but Tsuki t there’s the context, of course, you’re in the light of the entire controversy where the Delhi government came forward announced

that they will open up borders but resolve you know Delhi state-run hospitals for the citizens of Delhi it was overruled by the left-hand governor so clearly you know there has been a little bit of tug in pole between the left-hand governor and the Delhi government nothing new but at a time when you are dealing with the pandemic it is extremely important for all forces to come together to collaborate to collate efforts you know in order to be able to deal with the situation on the ground well yes absolutely of which important that you mentioned that considering the meeting is between Mr. Kejriwal and I’m a child Mr. Kejriwal had recently along with many of his other ministers had also made these remarks

that when the LG overruled the decision on hospitals then the allegations made against the LG was this that he’s being pushed by the BJP to overrule decisions that are being made by the Delhi government this is all an agent of the BJP he’s being pressurized by the BJP and that is why he’s come up with these decisions all of that was said and those are the kind of exchange that we’ve been seeing but at the same time Mr. Keshav a lot of other points of time has also said that this is not a time to
politicize stuff and we know income on both together and or things out and that is the kind of approach that is likely to be in focus when the meeting takes place today all right


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