How To Get Traffic Targeted Google Keywords

If your blog needs traffic using targeted Google keywords, you landed on the right page. Read it out and use it for your own good. In this article, I am going to show you the key of traffic through Search Engines. to get traffic using targeted Google keywords, you have to know how to choose a keyword. You have to find a need on your niche and snatch the Page rank.

How To Get Traffic Targeted Google Keywords

This is an easy task because your targets are clear. You have to optimize your post as best as you can. But sometimes you have to get out of the routine and create something great-get the 1st place on Google.

How To Get Traffic Targeted Google Keywords

To get traffic using targeted Google keywords, you have to include them words in your content, so that when people are searching for something on a search engine, they will get the relevant information on your website.

Let’s begin with the beginning…The keywords

I know that you want to get to the main point as soon as possible, so do I, but we need to cover the whole subject. We’ll get there asap, don’t worry.

A keyword is what you type in the search engine form to look up for something. When you open Google, Bing, or whatever you are using you type a sentence/some words that describe something. Well, that’s our keywords.

We, as publishers are doing this thing on the other way. Meaning, we are choosing what keywords describe most of your post.

An online user is typing some keywords, and the search engine brings the most relevant pages online that suits best to your demand. Very easy, isn’t it?

We say keywords and not a keyword, because no one would use only 1 word to optimize its article. If you make an experiment and write just a keyword on search engines, you will see that the results are irrelevant.

Are these Keywords so important?

Is the pope wearing a silly hat? Of course, they are the most important bit of a free targeted traffic that your website can receive. because if you are choosing the right keyword, you can see results in the matter of a few days.

As clear and smooth as your subject is, as faster you get ranked on the search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

How can I Get Traffic using Targeted Google Keywords?

Spot on, right? Let me tell you how I do and if you think I’m doing the right thing, you can copy my method.

It took me a while to develop my skills, but you will be faster than me, now that I tell you the ‘secret’.

The Research for the Perfect Keyword

I find the right time to write the blog post, I sit down and think about or research the trends-inspiration. I never choose the title before, I just start to write, and usually, then I get to the middle of the post, I get my title and write it on the top of the page.

I continue to write about the topic, but I keep in my mind the targeted keywords so I can easily use them in my content.

After I finish the post, I go on Google and start a search about my keyword (so I can see the competition), and I change it do grab some attention for someone who is interested in this.

I am using WordPress SEO plugin to optimize it and to adjust what needs to be adjusted, and ‘job done’.

This is the traditional method of doing it, which works for me, but there is another method which I could say without being jealous that is more like ‘straight forward’, works better (not all the time).

The Targeted Google Keyword Research Tool

It’s called simple, Google Planner(the keyword research tool), and it’s used to research all your content’s keywords. This tool is available on Google AdWords, under the Reporting and Tools section.

Now, think about a word or a phrase that you want to write about. Let’s pick: ‘Targeted Google Keywords‘.

In the Google Planner Tool, you have to enter these keywords like targeted traffic, targeted keywords, or even targeted Google keywords. Now, this program will show you the competition on these words. If the competition is high, try to change your mind, because there are a lot of posts about this and getting traffic out of this post can take months.

If the competition is low, crack on and start writing because you get a high rank. This doesn’t mean that you can write rubbish content and get on the top of the pile. Quality drives results. Always!

Let’s move on now; In the next columns, you can find Global Monthly Searches and Local Monthly Searches which are showing you how many searches are being made on this type of keywords and you can play a little bit with the preferences depending on your domain and your website audience.

Always aim for the higher values because, don’t forget, you want to trace a big demand of a keyword, so the more people search for it, the better it is for your traffic. It’s very easy to pick it up, you will see, just need few posts to see how it works, trace your results using Google Analytics and you will understand better.

In order to help you, Google will display the relevant keywords, based on the ones that you

  • entered. You can get inspired and use them instead. Work it out.
  • Get your targeted Google keywords to work for you now!
  • In order to do that I use a special plugin which makes the work easier for me. It’s called WordPress
  • SEO Plugin by Yoast and it’s completely free with over 8 million downloads.

Use this plugin and include your keywords within it, as this will help Search engines to use your post more accurately and identify what information is on your page. Complete all the forms requested within that plugin and you will enjoy the traffic using targeted Google keywords.

As you can see, the scariest thing about this topic is its name. The principle is logic without any room of mistakes. Use it by the book and don’t miss out on the chance to monetize your traffic.

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