Indian Student Start Doing These 5 Things Immediately


Indian Student in present-day India absolutely no one gives a damn about Indian students 1.5crore people applied for close to 90,000 railway jobs in 2018 93 thousand candidates applied for the post of peons in Uttar Pradesh 3700 out of them were Ph.D. holders and 50,000 out of them were graduates fun fact the peon job required people who had only passed standard 5th 80% of Indian engineers are unemployable and only 3.8 4% have the skills required for software-related jobs in startups

Indian Student Start Doing These 5 Things Immediately

the unemployment rate hit 7.7 percent last December, in short, these are tough times for you if you’re a student in India and this joblessness is literally reflecting all-around 5 things you should start doing immediately if you’re in an Indian student number 1 pressurizing the government to improve the education system a popular notion that is shoved

Indian Student Start Doing These 5 Things Immediately

down everyone’s throats is that because Indians are lazy or talentless they are not getting jobs if the problem was with Indians how come Indians have managed to become CEOs of tech giants abroad the problem lies in our education system with outdated curriculum pathetic condition of both primary and secondary education it simply does not let students flourish here UNICEF has warned that by 2030 as many as 53% Indians will leave secondary school without getting skills needed for a decent job lack of good and interested teachers is another huge problem India’s student-teacher ratio is only 24 to 1 which is the lowest among

compared countries like Brazil and China, while the number of students enrolling is increasing the number of teachers is actually declining one can argue that the fall in the number of teachers doesn’t matter and, can be compensated with technology but absolutely nothing can replace an actual teacher a person had asked Steve Jobs whether technology can replace teachers and here’s what he said no I’m absolutely don’t believe that and as you pointed out, I’ve probably helped put more computers in more schools than anybody else in the world and I upped until this point in time and I’m absolutely convinced that that is by no means the most important thing now the most important thing is another person that insights your curiosity that guides your curiosity that feeds your curiosity and machines can not do that in the same way people can the the the elements of discovery are around you you don’t need a computer

 to know I mean you know yeah why does that fall you know why nobody knows why nobody in the entire world knows why that falls we can describe it pretty accurately but no one knows why I donated a computer to get a kid interested in that to spend a week playing with gravity and trying to understand it and come up with reasons why you do need a person number two creating a rewarding culture for risk takers it’s nothing new that successful people are hated like crazy in India if you succeed people think you’ve achieved it by cheating and doubt your integrity you will be discouraged if you even attempt to do something good and your journey will be doubted if you get success this is where America is ahead of the rest of the world it has a rewarding environment for risk-takers

and entrepreneurs and we have to learn this thing from Americans if you wish to improve our startup ecosystem and the United States is also a great melting pot of different cultures and ideas and thoughts and it’s a country which tends to encourage success where you sort of see someone that did extremely well and generally the reaction the United States is good for that person in most countries it may shock people the United States in most countries that are not the reaction people tend to think oh that person did well because they screwed somebody else or they try to rise beyond their station that was really

inappropriate of them to be so nouveau riche he’s a french word number three enhance your skills it is pretty clear now that degrees do not guarantee you a proper job in the 21st century MarkCuban a billionaire investor recently said if any of you are entrepreneurs or in the business world and if you don’t know artificial intelligence then you’re the equivalent of somebody in 99 saying yeah I’m sure this internet thing will be okay but I don’t give a shit use the internet to educate yourself and learning skills one app that I really find useful and sincerely recommend to you guys is CHAMBLY now we as Indians should especially

 be investing our time in improving English fluency and communication skills believe me, learning English is going to open up a lot of opportunities for you globally and CHAMBLY is that perfect app which has a lot to offer to you the private English lessons are provided by native English tutors from countries like the US Canada or the UK in the app you simply need to press a button which will instantly connect you to an available tutor you can also choose a tutor among the ones who are online and you can try as many tutors as you like so I’m from the United States but I am living in Cambodia we are about the best part is you can have these private English lessons anytime and anywhere you want on the way to your work

 college office for during lunchtime make sure you download the app the links are in the description and most importantly use the app properly so you can actually enhance your English fluency and communication skills number four use social media don’t let social media use you if you find yourself scrolling through Twitter feeds consuming random outburst of people no better than you you’re wasting your time these celebs or whoever you follow don’t create anything are equally jobless as you and sit on their couch scrolling through their feeds exactly like you stop getting involved in useless arguments on the Internet this point might seem unimportant to you but considering how the youth has started to waste their precious time on these silly things it’s

 seriously getting out of hands so use the Internet and your time wisely number five study Indian startups and Indian success stories this is something very crucial that people often overlook you want to be an Indian entrepreneur or inventor study homegrown startups businesses and success stories this is precisely why there’s an FMF video on the amazing story of Mumbai’s dabbawalas

 you see if you’re going to become an Indian entrepreneur you’re going to be solving Indian problems of Indian people in India the obstacles you’ll face will be different than what an American faces studying Apple or Google or SpaceX is fine but ultimately you will be creating something in India so study people who have succeeded in India


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