The Best Traffic Sources Your Website 2020

Quality traffic is what makes a website successful. Everybody knows this. This is just another piece missing of this puzzle. If you succeed to achieve this, your revenue will get higher and this will bring a big smile on your face, wouldn’t it?

The Best Traffic Sources Your Website 2020
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Over the past years, I was trying and trying to find the bound missing between the traffic sources and my website, and of course, I’ve been experiencing a lot of strategies.

The Best Traffic Sources Your Website 2020

What I discovered is something that most of us don’t want to admit.

In order to get the best traffic sources, your website can get is to choose a paid method. Yes, sometimes you have to pay for certain services to get more money out.

As business needs investments, a website does too. The question is: What kind of services shall I choose?

Why Traffic is the Most Important?

Well, the visitors are coming to your website to get a product or a service, right? In this scenario, it’s a positive lead that converts(you earn money out of these visits).

Focused traffic is when your visitors are looking for a particular thing that your website provides and you get the revenue 100%.

This is the kind of traffic that anyone’s craving for. There are websites that get 100 visitors a day, 1000 a day, or even 10000 a day. It might sound funny, but a website with 100 visitors a day might sell more than a website with 10000 a day. You know why?

This is happening because the visitors that arrived on the first website are ready to spend money on the services/products available on this particular website.

This is the best traffic source your website can get = focused traffic that converts to sales.

I will concentrate the most about this kind of traffic sources and I will provide the best marketing techniques which work anytime. If you want to convert your traffic, take action now. Don’t wait as I did.

1. Article Marketing

Article-marketing free method to get quality focused traffic is article marketing. All you have to do is to write an interesting summary, about 300 words long, which has your website’s keywords or key phrases and try to mix them smoothly within your content.

I can easily find my keywords on Neil Patel’s Blog – Quicksprout. Try it out!

The next task you’ll have to do is to add your keyword or key phrase in the article resource box. Get these articles on the following article directories, like Hubpages, Go Articles, or Buzzle (you can find a lot more on a Google Search).

I have tried this method and I’m still using it, so this is the main reason of why I recommend it to you. You can drive focused traffic to your website using this method.

2. SEO and Search Engines

search-enginesEverybody gets the most amount of traffic on his website from search engines, such as Google, Bing, and many more. Even if this method is free (in some cases) it’s slow.

But being high ranked at some certain words, it’s not a doubt that you will receive targeted traffic. Learn how to get to know this method by reading my article about the Search Engine Optimization Strategies that work.

Read that article, write some posts about your topic and do as I told you and you will get a good amount of traffic in a relative short time.

Change your perspective about your website. View your website as a long term goal, as a business that will sell in time for a decent amount of money. Keep this in your mind and keep your ambition alive.

Create as much content as you can and optimize it wisely. It’s pretty logical that a website with 1000 pages will get more traffic as a website with 50 pages, and a 10 years old website will get more traffic that a 1-year-old website. The good thing is that you will get there.

If there is one thing to know about Google, that is patience. Google is slow but effective. If you are good at what you are doing, it’s just a matter of time until you get known. So, write quality content and wait for the big fish!

3. Lists. Lists. Lists

listen to my opinion this is one of the most efficient ways to build up your traffic. You sign up for an e-mail marketing program, create your sign up forms, and put them on your website.

This is one of the best traffic sources your website can get because you create your loyal audience. This is pure focused traffic because you send e-mail newsletters to your users and this is the most valuable strategy which converts.

When a visitor is coming back to your website means that you have something to offer and if he is happy, there is not doubt that he will trust what you have to sell. They might recommend you to his friends.

It seems hard to believe, but this king of publicity brings up a huge amount of focused traffic. I only recommend it because I’m using it for a while and I’ve seen unexpected results. My traffic increased from a month to another.

4. Pay Per Click Ads

PPC-advertising this method is one of the most expensive because you pay to get traffic. The advantage about this method is that the traffic is quality, so you get a high conversion rate. It depends on what have you got to sell and if it worth it.

A good method is to monitor your campaign very carefully. I recommend Google Analytics – it’s just perfect for this kind of monitoring.

Some good programs for paid per click advertising are:

Microsoft Adcenter
Yahoo Marketing
Google Adwords

I strongly recommend Google Adwords for the best results as it’s the most efficient, but the other ones work great too.

5. Social Media Marketing

Corso Sardegna SocialMediaMarketing CagliariOne of the best traffic sources your website can get is through social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. The good thing about having a profile on one of these social networks is that you can get large amounts of traffic for free.

The bad thing is that traffic is temporary and it’s not really too targeted.

On the other side, Facebook is more open-minded and it provides pay per click/pay per impression traffic which can get you some targeted traffic that converts on your website.

Do not ignore social media, otherwise you will be leftover. Don’t miss a chance to a free traffic

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